World Cube Association
WCA Regulations 2013

Version: May 21, 2013


WCA Regulations and Guidelines

The WCA Regulations contains the full set of Regulations that apply to all official competitions sanctioned by the World Cube Association.
The WCA Regulations are also supplemented by the WCA Guidelines. The Regulations should be considered a complete document, but the Guidelines contain additional clarifications and explanations.


To make the Regulations and Guidelines easier to read we use "he" where the reader should read "she or he".
Uses of the words "must", "must not", "should", "should not" and "may" match RFC 2119.

Information on the Internet

Website of World Cube Association:
Original source of the WCA regulations:
WCA Regulations in PDF format


Development of the WCA Regulations and Guidelines is public on GitHub.


For questions and feedback, please contact the WCA Regulations Committee (WRC).


Note: Because Article and Regulation numbers are not reassigned when Regulations are deleted, there may be gaps in numbering.

Article 1: Officials

Article 2: Competitors

Article 3: Puzzles

Article 4: Scrambling

Article 5: Puzzle Defects

Article 7: Environment

Article 8: Competitions

Article 9: Events

Article 10: Solved State

Article 11: Incidents

Article 12: Notation

Article A: Speed Solving

Article B: Blindfolded Solving

Article C: One-Handed Solving

Article D: Solving With Feet

Article E: Fewest Moves Solving

Article F: Clock Solving

Article H: Multiple Blindfolded Solving

Article Z: Optional Regulations

Organisation teams may adopt optional regulations to facilitate the administration of the competition. The WCA Board must approve any optional regulations for a competition.