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Incident: A competitor signed for the wrong attempt

Status: Resolved


AltonaAlgorithmsAttempt22021 GetafeContinua2020 OsijekOpen2020

Incident description and resolution:

A competitor signed for the wrong solve attempt. This is considered a DNS according to Regulation A7c2):

A7c2) If the competitor signs (or otherwise marks) an attempt before they have begun it, they forfeit the attempt and the result will be considered DNS.

As the competitor was experienced enough, the Regulation A7g is not applicable. Therefore the WRC agreed to changed the original attempt to DNS.

For the Altona Algorithms Attempt 2 2021 incident, the WRC agreed that this case is substantially different because:

  1. The competitor did not do it on purpose.
  2. The competitor notified the mistake to the WCA Delegate right after realizing it.
  3. It is clear that the competitor knows Article A's procedure and the importance of the signature. The competitor did not attempt to intentionally break the standard procedure not gain an unfair advantage.

Because of this, the WRC agreed to accept the original result for this incident.

The WRC would like encourage competitors to be familiar with the procedure of speedsolving (Article A). It is important to understand that the use of the signatures is not arbitrary but rather serves to identify the scramblers and judges and if the competitor agrees with the result.

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