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Incident: A tournament display showed a different result from the one recorded on the scorecard

Status: Resolved


GautengAutumn2022 GdanskOpen2020 NewZealandNationals2019 PanamaKocka2019 PopularnBlindFlen2022

Incident description and resolution:

During the competitions, results on the scorecards were found to not match the results on the tournament displays. This was found after both the competitor and the judge signed the attempt. The WCA Delegate contacted with the competitor and the judge and concluded that the time was likely recorded incorrectly.

The Regulations A7b1) states that:

A7b1) If penalties are assigned, the judge records the original recorded time displayed on the timer, along with any penalties. (...)

However, the WRC agreed to change the affected attempt to the one that was shown in the tournament display and that only varies in decimal (e.g. XX.X6 to XX.X7).

Generally, incidents regarding recording results from the tournament display follow this policy:

  1. The display is visible during a good part of the solve and seems to be working fine.
  2. It stops at a believable time (when the competitor stops the timer, + a little delay).
  3. The scoretaking mistake is understandable (e.g. The exact time is 10.507 and the judge wrote 10.57. If the display stops at 10.507 and the judge writes 10.53, there is most likely a display error and the recorded time on the scorecard is used).

Please notice that this is not a general ruling and the WRC strongly recommends to write the result directly from the Speed Stacks Stackmat timer. Tournament Displays are not recognized in the WCA Regulations and sometimes, do not match the time of the Speed Stacks Stackmat timer.

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