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Incident: A competitor noticeably touched the puzzle immediately after stopping the timer

Status: Resolved

A6e A6e+


Incident description and resolution:

In Skewb, a competitor touched the puzzle immediately after stopping the timer. When releasing the puzzle, it fell into the lap of the competitor and then it jumped back to the mat.

This violates Regulation A6e):

A6e) After releasing the puzzle, the competitor must not touch or move the puzzle until the judge has inspected the puzzle. Penalty: disqualification of the attempt (DNF). Exception: If no moves have been applied, a time penalty (+2 seconds) may be assigned instead, at the discretion of the judge.

In addition, Guideline A6e+) explicitly clarifies that this case is considered touching the puzzle:

A6e+) CLARIFICATION If the puzzle falls into the lap of the competitor after stopping the timer, this is considered touching the puzzle.

By reviewing video evidences, the WRC determined that this case is not comparable with this other as the competitor in this incident noticeably touched the puzzle. The WRC concluded that it is appropriate to apply a +2 penalty to the affected attempt.

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