West LA Winter 2020

Jan 25, 2020
Los Angeles, California, United States

Hamilton High School

2955 Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Small Gym



Ethan Ollins and Max Fattal
WCA Delegates
Adam Walker, Alex Davani, and Michael Young
Download all the competition's details as PDF here.

Please be at the competition 15 minutes prior to when your events are due to start.
Pets and alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the venue.
Please remember to refrain from flash photography.

The sequel to West LA Spring 2019, this competition is a fundraiser for Hamilton High School's engineering club The da Vinci Coders and the various activities and challenges they compete in, including the JPL Invention Challenge and the FIRST Robotics Competition (Team 5510). All proceeds will be donated to the club to support their STEM endeavors. Please consider donating if you so wish - it is not mandatory, but any donations are greatly appreciated!

To learn more about The da Vinci Coders, you can visit their website here.

Main event
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Registration requirements
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There is a competitor limit of 100 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is $15 (United States Dollar).
Registration fees won't be refunded under any circumstance.
No on the spot registrations will be accepted.

Payment will be processed through the WCA website.
Registrations must be paid in full prior to the deadline and will not be taken on-site.
If the roster fills up before the end of the registration period, a waitlist will be opened.

Payments for shirts must be included in the donation field. See the Shirts tab for details.

If you are unsure of the number of guests you will be bringing, please provide your best estimate.

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Ethan Jan won with an average of 8.03 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Will Hamilton finished second (8.36) and June Burkhardt finished third (8.51).

Event Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
3x3x3 Cube Ethan Jan 6.04 8.03 United States 8.5410.716.046.838.73
5x5x5 Cube Kevin Lee 54.92 1:02.93 United States 1:05.621:03.1054.921:05.461:00.23
7x7x7 Cube June Burkhardt 2:51.19 2:59.72 United States 3:07.933:00.042:51.19
3x3x3 Blindfolded Neel Gore 19.96 DNF United States 28.79DNF19.96
Skewb Elijah Brown 2.64 4.59 United States 3.185.455.152.647.58
Event Round Format Time limit Cutoff Proceed
3x3x3 Cube First round Ao5 3:00.00 Top 40 advance to next round
Second round Ao5 3:00.00 Top 16 advance to next round
Final Ao5 3:00.00
5x5x5 Cube First round Bo2 / Ao5 5:00.00 2 attempts to get < 2:30.00 Top 20 advance to next round
Final Ao5 5:00.00
7x7x7 Cube Final Bo1 / Mo3 10:00.00 1 attempt to get < 5:15.00
3x3x3 Blindfolded First round Bo3 20:00.00 cumulative * Top 8 advance to next round
Final Bo3 20:00.00 cumulative *
Skewb First round Ao5 3:00.00 Top 16 advance to next round
Final Ao5 3:00.00

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Schedule for Saturday (January 25, 2020)

From 08:00 AM
To 08:30 AM
Small Gym
From 08:30 AM
To 09:20 AM
7x7x7 Cube Final
Small Gym
Bo1 / Mo3
Time limit
1 attempt to get < 5:15.00
From 09:20 AM
To 10:35 AM
5x5x5 Cube First round
Small Gym
Bo2 / Ao5
Time limit
2 attempts to get < 2:30.00
Top 20 advance to next round
From 10:35 AM
To 11:25 AM
3x3x3 Blindfolded First round
Small Gym
Time limit
20:00.00 cumulative *
Top 8 advance to next round
From 11:25 AM
To 11:55 AM
Small Gym
From 11:55 AM
To 12:10 PM
Tutorial for new competitors
Small Gym
From 12:10 PM
To 01:45 PM
3x3x3 Cube First round
Small Gym
Time limit
Top 40 advance to next round
From 01:45 PM
To 02:40 PM
Skewb First round
Small Gym
Time limit
Top 16 advance to next round
From 02:40 PM
To 03:30 PM
5x5x5 Cube Final
Small Gym
Time limit
From 03:30 PM
To 04:05 PM
3x3x3 Cube Second round
Small Gym
Time limit
Top 16 advance to next round
From 04:05 PM
To 04:20 PM
Skewb Final
Small Gym
Time limit
From 04:20 PM
To 04:40 PM
3x3x3 Blindfolded Final
Small Gym
Time limit
20:00.00 cumulative *
From 04:40 PM
To 05:00 PM
3x3x3 Cube Final
Small Gym
Time limit
From 05:00 PM
To 05:30 PM
Awards and Cleanup
Small Gym

Travel and parking guide

From I-405 - take Exit 53 (south) or 53A (north) onto I-10 East and exit on Robertson Blvd at exit 6. Stay in the far left lane in order to make the left onto Robertson - the intersection is very complicated. Make the first right, and you will reach the school soon after. Make a left onto Kincardine Avenue to access the parking lot or continue straight and make a left from Robertson.

From I-110/CA-110 - enter I-10 West near Downtown LA and take exit 6 onto Robertson Blvd after about six miles. Continue straight through the light and make a right - you will be in the school's parking lot. You may also make a right at the light and a left into the parking lot from Robertson Blvd.

Parking will be available in the lots in front of the school, accessible by Robertson Boulevard (exit 6 on I-10) and Kincardine Avenue. If the lot fills up, there will be street parking available in the neighborhood behind the school (no street cleaning takes place on Saturdays). The school is also about a half mile away from the Culver City Expo Line station if you prefer to take public transportation - make sure you know where to walk, however, as the intersection is tricky!

Getting to the gym
Enter the school through the front doors at Robertson Boulevard. On each side of the main staircase, there will be a walkway to the quad behind the building and a second building directly in front. Walk across the first floor of that building (you can see the other end from the quad) and you will see two buildings with green and white rooves. We will be in the building in between those two buildings. Volunteers will be present in case you need help finding the gym.

We will be selling West LA Winter 2020 T-shirts. The pre-order cost for shirts is $20.00.

Shirts will be available in both white and black.

If you would like to pre-order a shirt or shirts, you must include your payment for the shirt in the Donation* field on the Register page before you pay your registration fee, and in your registration comment you must include the quantity of shirts you are ordering as well as the size(s) and color(s) thereof. Remember that if you are ordering multiple shirts, you must include $20 for each shirt that you are ordering ($40 for 2 shirts, $60 for 3, etc).

The order deadline is Thursday, January 16. No refunds will be issued after that date.

* This is just to process payment efficiently, this payment is not meant to be a donation.

These images are previews - the actual shirts may vary slightly.

If you have already registered but would like to pre-order a shirt, please email us so that we can process your payment.

Help support Hamilton's achievement in STEM!

West LA Winter 2020 is a fundraiser for The da Vinci Coders, the engineering and robotics team of Hamilton High School. The da Vinci Coders have been competing in the JPL Invention Challenge for nearly ten years and the FIRST Robotics Competition since 2015, when they took home the Rookie All Star award.

As a student-led endeavor, The da Vinci Coders need all the help they can get so that they can continue to participate in the aforementioned competitions and buy the necessary materials to continue their mission of building a diverse, graciously professional and safe STEM environment at Hamilton High School. All proceeds from this competition will be given to the team for this goal. Any donations are greatly appreciated if you are willing and able to donate. The da Vinci Coders appreciate your support!

Guide for new competitors

If this is your first competition, welcome! We are always happy to see new faces in the WCA and hope that you can have a fantastic first competition experience at West LA Winter 2020. Below are some frequently asked questions that will help you navigate the competition process on the day of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I need to provide my own Rubik's Cube to compete?
A: Yes. You must bring a competition-legal puzzle (see the Regulations for details) for each event you plan to compete in.

Q: How old do I need to be to compete?
A: Competitors of all ages are welcome, and there will be no age divisions when competing.

Q: Do I need to stay for the entire time?
A: No. You only need to be at the competition when events you are competing in (such as 3x3 or 5x5) are ongoing. You may arrive and leave at any time provided that you are there for your events.

Q: Where should I park and how do I get to the venue?
A: See the Travel and Parking tab.

Q: How will I be ranked?
A: You will do five solves for each event (or three if you compete in 3x3x3 Blindfolded and/or 7x7x7 Cube). You will be ranked by the average of your middle three solves - in other words, the average of your solves excluding your best and worst times. For an event in which you do three solves, you are ranked by the mean of your three times.

Q: What are cutoffs?
A: Cutoffs are time restrictions - if you fail to keep at least one of your solves under a certain amount of time, you will complete the round after your second solve and be scored by your best time of the two. They are different from time limits, in which you will be given a DNF (Did Not Finish) if you fail to complete the solve in a certain amount of time. There is no cutoff for 3x3x3 Cube.

Q: Do I need to check in?
A: No - just show up to the competition for your events and you will be allowed to compete. See the Schedule tab to see timing information. Please keep in mind that events can be delayed or rearranged depending on circumstances - so plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes before your event(s).

If you have any questions, either review the WCA Regulations or email the organizers.

Please attend the competitor tutorial if you are a first-time competitor or staff member. The tutorial will take place directly before the first round of 3x3.

If you would like to get a head start on learning the competition process, you can watch the official competitor tutorial video below.

All returning WCA competitors will be asked to help staff West LA Winter 2020 in allocated event/group slots in order to help the event run more efficiently.

There are multiple roles of staff, such as judges, runners and scramblers. A competitor tutorial will take place before the first round of 3x3, and this will include how to compete, judge and run. Most first-time competitors will not be required to help staff, but we always welcome additional help if you feel so inclined.

If you are a returning competitor, please expect to be asked to judge in the group immediately following your own. For instance, if you are in Group 2 for 3x3x3, rather than returning to the audience area, find an open solving station and judge while Group 3 is solving. If you are in the final group, please judge for Group 1.

All competitors will have a name card including their groups for competing and staff assignments. These cards will be printed and available at the door, but can also be found here:

Live results are available through WCA Live. The competition page can be found here:

Time limit

If you reach the time limit during your solve, the judge will stop you and your result will be DNF (see Regulation A1a4).
A cumulative time limit may be enforced (see Regulation A1a2).


The result to beat to proceed to the second phase of a cutoff round (see Regulation 9g).


The format describes how to determine the ranking of competitors based on their results. The list of allowed formats per event is described in Regulation 9b. See Regulation 9f for a description of each format.

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