Pasuruan Open 2018

Mar 17, 2018
Pasuruan, Indonesia

Gedung Gradika

Jalan Panglima Sudirman No 24, Purworejo, Kota Pasuruan, Jawa Timur 67115, Indonesia

On the first floor


Yunan (085646147450)

Muhammad Yunan Fahmi
WCA Delegate
Novianto Pambudi

This is the 4th competition in Pasuruan. The special purpose of this competition is to attract students in Pasuruan who like to play speedcubing and introduce Pasuruan Extreme Cuber Community.

If you are new to the WCA competition or have questions about the rules, please inform WCA Rules (English)

During registration, enter your phone number in the comments section. For more information please contact the organizer

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Vito Kosasih (高耀梁) won with an average of 11.01 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Bintang Kurnia Putra finished second (11.78) and Muhammad Fawwaz Rega Madhani finished third (12.31).

3x3x3 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Vito Kosasih (高耀梁) 10.14 11.01 Indonesia 11.7010.1410.5210.8216.40
2 Bintang Kurnia Putra 9.45 11.78 Indonesia 12.859.4511.9215.5910.57
3 Muhammad Fawwaz Rega Madhani 10.94 12.31 Indonesia 11.9110.9411.4614.9713.55

2x2x2 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Vito Kosasih (高耀梁) 3.12 4.71 Indonesia 3.125.496.863.834.80
2 Bintang Kurnia Putra 3.49 4.93 Indonesia 3.494.384.575.839.52
3 Muhammad Fawwaz Rega Madhani 3.77 5.31 Indonesia

4x4x4 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Achmad Rizki Zakaria 35.84 38.28 Indonesia 37.8035.8436.4144.1840.63
2 Vito Kosasih (高耀梁) 39.26 39.96 Indonesia 40.2944.0039.2639.6439.95
3 Bintang Kurnia Putra 39.90 44.10 Indonesia 44.2147.0541.0549.2539.90

3x3x3 Blindfolded

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Robbi Atsmara Haqqi 1:19.00 DNF Indonesia DNF1:34.281:19.00
2 Mokhamad Aguk Nur Anggraini 2:42.00 DNF Indonesia 2:42.00DNFDNF
3 Muhammad Yunan Fahmi 3:12.77 DNF Indonesia 4:12.463:12.77DNF


# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Elliott Yahya Sugondo 4.00 4.63 Indonesia 4.354.844.6911.554.00
2 Kalim Fazalurrohman 4.57 6.48 Indonesia 5.937.664.578.345.84
3 Achmad Rizki Zakaria 6.38 7.31 Indonesia 11.307.526.976.387.44


# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Kalim Fazalurrohman 3.74 5.63 Indonesia 3.745.227.008.964.66
2 Muhammad Yunan Fahmi 5.55 6.85 Indonesia 8.537.966.945.665.55
3 Achmad Rizki Zakaria 5.44 8.11 Indonesia 5.448.228.198.877.91
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